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A Letter from Teri Luck McDuffey

My younger sister, Jo Markham, became the original artist for Lucky. Capturing the true nature of our little hero through her early memories of Brandon. My brother Stephen Luck, has always believed in the project and lent us a hand in editing our sing-a-long books. Stephen's son, Jace, gave us his voice as an echo singer in a number of the songs. My older sister, Gay Stapleton, is a Montessori Music teacher herself, and has helped us capture the clear, precise sound needed for young ears. Gay has also used the music in many educational workshops, creating aninspiring example of our projects ultimate
Lucky Learning Tunes About Us
The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences-Maria Montessori
As a life long composer of songs, my interest in writing children's music flourished after becoming a Montessori teacher. The children's joy for learning inspired me to put simple, educational concepts to music. This music has been used to enhance the curriculum in many classrooms; to introduce lessons, sing while working, or just to celebrate what was learned. School musical programs and children's audio recording projects have been parent favorites throughout the years. It has been my dream for the past 30 years to bring this music to you. With the help of my family, we have finally made that possible.
 goal. My mother, Ouida has always been a great supporter of my music and has been giving her love to each of us as we do our part. My granddaughter, Kalli, helps everyone remember that everything we do is all for the children.

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My husband, Mack, was there when the bulk of the music was being created years ago. Mack is now the co-founder and administrator for Lucky Learning Tunes LLC. My children Erin, Kelsie, and Brandon, are now grown and have combined their talents to bring this product to the world. The littlest one, Brandon, created the star of our project Lucky, when he was only 4 years old. Today, Brandon has become the creative designer behind the overall style of the project. My daughter, Kelsie, was always there to manage missions and create priorities. Naturally, Kelsie became the creative and business coordinator for the company. My older son Erin, was usually doing his own thing, but was always inspiring the little ones to go for it! Erin found his role in both creative design and business coordination.
This has truly been a family effort and adventure! Though I have used these songs for many years, it is because of the time, dedication, and support of my family and friends that we are finally able to bring Lucky Learning Tunes to you.

-Teri Luck McDuffey