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Math Tunes
In this adventure,
Lucky explores the fundamentals of math and the wonders of skip counting and Geometry.
Geography & Biology Tunes
History Tunes
Lucky Learning Tunes Products
We are so happy to bring you this wonderful educational music! 
In this adventure,
Lucky travels through the universe and formations of earth, while learning about the plants, animals and human race.
In this adventure,
Lucky journeys through space and the eras of time. Exploring the of magnificent existence humankind.
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Hi folks,
 I like to have fun when I learn. Join me as I venture through the lessons of Math. We’ll skip count under the rainbows to the ice cream shop, and even do a lil’ dance!
Hi everyone!
I'm Lucky and I love to learn!
Hey everyone,
Let’s make learning interesting! Join me as I discover the elements of our living earth and its neighbors! We will explore and sing about plants, animals, our planet, and beyond!
Hi there,
Let’s have a blast from the past to make learning exciting! Join me as I travel through the history. We’ll migrate through early civilizations, to the Great Cosmic Dance!
"You are You"
"Ice Cream Shop"
"Dan the Guitar Man"